Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A rough end to 2012

Hi everybody,

I've been conscious of the need to update you all via the blog for some time, but to be honest the end of 2012 was particularly tough and tiring, so the energy and motivation to write the blog has been very low.

The Methatrexate treatment that I had before Christmas was particularly draining and I had barely recovered fully from the first session before I was hit with the second dose and it effectively knocked the stuffing out of me.

I was discharged just before Christmas, so did spend it at home with Andrea and the boys, though with the exception of a few hours on Christmas day and New Years Eve, the holiday was spent in bed feeling very tired.

The New Year has started with me being re-admitted to hospital on the 2nd, but hopefully on the final leg of my journey as I am now recieving final preparatory chemotherapy before receiving new stem cells from a donor in a couple of days on the 10th January. My transplant is therefore finally happening.

My fingers are then crossed for a successful graft without complications, though even then the full recovery is likely to take another 6 months before life can get back to anywhere near normal.

Updates are likely to be few and far between and will be brief when I can, but please cross your fingers for me that things go smoothly.

All the best and thanks for reading.