Friday, 21 September 2012

An interesting night.

Morning all,

I'm settling into life as a patient in a multi-bed bay today.

Last night wasn't too bad after all. The snoring, farting and belching wasn't too loud and the other three patients were fairly quiet too! (Hehe)

My main gripe this morning was some of the nursing staff during the night. The bay I'm in sits opposite the nurses station and having got to sleep for a couple of hours I woke at about 1am to hear them sitting nattering not particularly quietly about nothing.

Then after a few minutes I heard a broad Scottish male accent and apparently a patient not belonging to this ward had wandered up the corridor dazed and confused. It sounded like he'd had a fall and when Security emerged a few minutes later it transpired he'd wandered from Accident Emergency, which is the opposite end of the hospital about half a mile away in an entirely different building! So much for hospital security.

Needless to say it gave the nurses something more to talk about and they regaled each other with tales of similar occurrences they'd encountered. I was just starting to get pissed off to the state of going to say something when things finally quietened down and I got back to sleep.

I think I woke up once again for a short time before the obs round came in about 7.15.

So it was a slightly unsettled and shall we say an eventful night but manageable in the end and perhaps not as bad as I had anticipated. The only other stay I've had in hospital in my life was when my son Tom had a major fall when he was about 2 years old. I spent each night in a guest bed at the side of his bed in a 4 bed bay in the children's ward and by comparison last night was easy so I'm counting my blessings.

Johannes, the registrar called to see me this morning and indicated that because of my condition, the situation of me mixing with other patients is not ideal and if they get an opportunity I'll be moved to a side room or even back to the Bone Marrow Unit. I'm not too bothered from a personal perspective now, but if it gives me a better chance of avoiding any problems then it's all good.

Whatever happens I hope they don't move me before tomorrow evening as sitting in my bed or chair I can see directly into the Leicester Tigers ground and have a view of a portion of the pitch, including the goal posts at the opposite end. They're at home to Harlequins tomorrow afternoon and I'll be flying the Northampton Saints flag in the window to show my own allegiance. Sam will be in his element when he comes to see me tomorrow.

Treatment wise I've had no real effect from the lumbar puncture yesterday other than a mild head ache, which is not surprising considering I've had chemotherapy drugs injected straight into my central nervous system. I've had a couple of paracetamol last night and again this morning and the pain is under control.

My regular chemo is due later today and a nurse has just been to see what my veins look like and succesfully installed a new cannula. The left hand has been attacked today as the right is a little bit sore and a couple of days rest will hopefully help.

My Aunt Bernadette (Bernie) arrived in Northampton last night to stay with Andrea and the boys for a couple of days. By now they are no doubt knee deep in craft activities as they are both serious crafting freaks, so it's probably just as well I'm not at home.

Tonights phone call to Andrea should be interesting. Her text this morning indicated that the dog had been up to mischief last night so I dread to think what he's been up to. The only indication I have was that it involved the slow cooker and a chilli con carne! I'll expand tomorrow when I know more.

All the best everybody and as always thanks for reading.

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