Monday, 24 September 2012

I'm going home again!

Great news this morning folks.

The docs have been round again this morning and as I'm generally fit and well, and my cell counts are around those of a 'normal' person, I'm being let out for good behaviour again and going home. I just need to come back as an outpatient for a couple of days this week to have my anti-fungal treatments on Wednesday and Friday, and my last chemo treatments which are due on Friday and Sunday. I guess the one on Sunday might roll over to Monday as the day clinic won't be open on Sunday.

So this morning is a good day, and it's made all the better by seeing my buddy in the bed next door sitting up in bed and looking much better than he has over the past few days. The break from his chemo treatment and the administration of drugs via IV rather than tablets seems to be giving him the break he needs to get his strength back up and carry on his fight.

We've been chatting this morning and he seems much brighter, and I've told him he must not give up the fight. I hope he heeds my advice which I'll keep giving through this blog, as I've given him the address. Keep strong matey and beat it!

So once again I'll keep things short.

Phil Bamber, my regular Monday visitor is hopefully due shortly, but I'm not going to punish him by making him wait all day to take me home again. I've spoken to Andrea and under the pretence of a surprise visit to see me with the boys after school this evening, she's coming to pick me up to take me home.

So tomorrow sblog will once again be from the comfort of my own home which I'm really looking forward to.

Thanks again for reading.


  1. Good lad. Enjoy your break and Keep your strength up.

  2. Great news, Steve. Make sure you continue to take it easy!


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