Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Only a quickie today!

Afternoon all.

I can't believe it's almost the end of my second day at home and I'm back in hospital first thing in the morning. The time has flown as it had in hospital but it's been worthwhile and great to have been back in the comfort of my family and own home for a brief respite.

Today has been a fairly lazy day with the boys at school and Andrea at work, so most of the days it's just been me and the dog mooching around the house and watching TV. I've probably got less done than whilst I was in hospital.

I did have a brief trip out earlier though and after a quick chat with somebody special about my idea for the Snowdon charity climb, I went and bought a mini ipod speaker dock as the headphone socket on my ipod is knackered. At least when I go back to hospital now I'll be able to listen to a broader selection of music.

My thoughts about the Snowdon climb are gathering momentum in my mind and I have a few whacky ideas to explore which can be done whilst I'm back in hospital. I'm determined to do something and I want to make it really special and above all really productive in terms of fund raising.

I'm due back at the hospital for 8.30 in the morning so the boys are going to have to be up early and thanks to the kindness of our next door neighbour Margaret they have somewhere to go until it's time for them to go to school whilst Andrea and me head back to Leicester.

Tomorrow is the lumbar puncture, which is the injection of chemotherapy drugs direct into my spinal fluid to make sure that my central nervous system is clear. When they're fiddling with a needle around your spine it's something else I face with more than a little trepidation, but as with everything else it has to be done and who am I to refuse?

As far as other treatments go it could be a busy day tomorrow. Had I remained in hospital I would have had the anti-fungal treatment that I had on Monday today. I might end up with that tomorrow now unless they increase the dose I'm due on Friday. I'm also due to be back on the steroids from tomorrow and some of the normal chemotherapy drugs are due according to my treatment plan.

At the moment I'm not sure whether I'll be in the Haematology Ward or back in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and I guess it's dependant on the availability of beds. It doesn't matter to me, though I have got to know the Bone Marrow Transplant staff quite well now.

So my bags are packed, (more advisedly this time since I now know what I do and don't need in hospital) and I'm ready to go back in the morning. Once again I'll miss Andrea and the boys but I can go back in the hope that I might be able to escape for a short break again.

Thanks as always for reading.


  1. I hope you get lots of money for the climb! Love from charlottexxxxxoooo

  2. Please tell us you dont wear headphones and sing along to your i-pod. Thats probably why you were in a room on your own :0) as always mate, a fascinating read.Wont be long until your next home visit I'm sure.
    Best wishes


  3. Steve great to hear that you are not losing any of your humour. Only one negative - who bought you up as a Leeds Rhino supporter? Don't hold your hopes up for the end of season finals you are not going to be celebrating a win.

    Hope everything goes well over the next couple of days and keep up the blog - we are going to use it in a bid!

    David H


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