Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Saints flag worked!

Morning all.

Despite the reflective film on the window, the Saints flag remained in position (at least until my Tigers following visitors had seen it being unveiled on their arrival which was fun) and it must have jinxed the Tigers around the corner as they lost to Harlequins. Thanks to my poorly mate in the next bed having ESPN on his ipad me and one of the other guys were able to watch the game (when the picture wasn't frozen) so we were able to keep up with the score. It's amazing how much delay there is between what is actually happening live and seeing the pictures. I reckon there must have been two minutes at least and my phone was updating quicker than the TV.

So my lucky Saints flag courtesy of Scott will be locked away safely and brought out every time we play the Tigers from now on!

I had a really good nights sleep last night as did my mate next door. They're giving him a temporary break from his chemo and having chatted with him just now he's feeling better today. He had a really rough day yesterday and I felt his pain through the curtain. I hope he gets rid of the infection he has and can get back on the chemo he needs to cure him. My thoughts are constantly with him and I feel embarrassingly healthy in comparison.

Bernie is making her way home today with my Uncle Andy after he's been to watch Tom play football and they're planning on calling in on their way back to Lytham, so I have visitors again today.

Andy came down to Northampton yesterday and took the boys to the Northampton Town football game. Tom will have loved that but I suspect Sam would rather have been down the road at Franklins Gardens. Either way they will both have had a great afternoon so my thanks to Andy, I really appreciate it.

Sam hasn't been left out either and his Granny and Grandad have been to see him at rugby training this morning so both boys have had some family spectators at their respective sports today in my absence.

Other than that, on the treatment front I have a dose of Rituximab (the antibody treatment) due later  today which hasn't had any negative effect on me yet. Then all I have left is one more day of steroids, another dose of chemo on Friday and more Rituximab next Sunday to complete this phase of treatment. I can't believe how quickly it's gone.

A bone marrow biopsy at the end of this phase will indicate how I'm responding to treatment so fingers crossed the drugs are having the desired effect inside me before I move onto the next phase which is effectively a repeat of this one.

As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. Hiya buddy.
    Hope it is all going well and you get fit and healthy again soon. Don't forget we have a welsh mountain to climb. My kagool is packed already and I have already leant the first 3 verses of "The Happy Wanderer".


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