Sunday, 30 September 2012

Phase 1 treatment complete.

Afternoon all.

They say Sunday is a day of rest, so I've been resting. Actually I've been very lazy today and have spent much of the day snoozing between meals and my treatment. I guess I have to catch up on the sleep I've been losing at night somehow.

This afternoon saw the final cycle of Rituximab antibody treatment, which was the last treatment I was due to have in this first induction phase of my chemotherapy treatment. All being well if my temperature stays stable overnight I'll be going home tomorrow for a spell.

When I do get home, my bone marrow needs time to recuperate and start doing it's normal job before I have another bone marrow biopsy. That will show how my Leukaemia has reacted to the treatment and what extent if any remains. Even if all of the Leukaemia is gone, which is what I hope, I will still have to go through a second phase of chemotherapy to make sure it doesn't return.

I'll know more about the timing of everything after tomorrow morning's consultants ward round, after which I can hopefully go home for a break.

A few of you may be wondering how my friend from the next bed during my previous stay was. I'm pleased to say I caught up with him a couple of times during the week last week and each time he looked better. I saw him on Wednesday when I came in as an outpatient and again on Friday when I was re-admitted for the weekend. On Friday he was discharged and allowed to go home for a rest which he looked like he was looking forward to. His infection is clearing up and apart from still having a sore mouth he looked like a new person.

I know he's following this blog and will keep in touch by email or phone. He has also vowed to do the Snowdon climb with me so we have a joint goal. It would be good to summit the peak side by side with him to mark the end of our respective journeys to recover from our illnesses, and as between us we cover the Leukaemia and Lymphoma parts of my chosen charity it would be a fitting cause.

Keep up the fight Dean - we've got a mountain to climb together!

My sincere thanks go to those that have started the ball rolling on the fund raising side and made donations to my JustGiving page. Just a sneaky reminder that the address if you are able and wish to donate is, or you can also donate £5 just by sending a text from your mobile phone by texting RTOR66 to 70070.

There's not much more to say today. I'm waiting to call Andrea soon and find out how Sam got on in his first Rugby games today, so I'll see you all tomorrow.

Thanks again for reading.

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