Friday, 28 September 2012

I had a day off.

Afternoon everybody.

I decided to have a day off from writing the blog yesterday, largely because I couldn't think of much to write and didn't have a great deal planned for the day anyway. But I'm back now with a quick update which I'm writing from the day unit back at Leicester.

I'm back here today for my the final series of treatments in the first phase of my induction therapy, and as I have to have anti-fungal and chemotherapy treatment today and my final chemo on Sunday I'm being admitted back to the Haematology ward for the weekend. All being well I'll be discharged on Sunday afternoon after my final chemo is administered.

Beyond that I guess at some point next week I'll be having another bone marrow biopsy (hopefully without the bone section) which will give the first indication of what effect the treatment is having. After that the medical team will plan the next phase of my treatment.

I'm hoping that the next phase can be carried out as the end of this has and be done by me visiting the day clinic, even if it has to be every day. Throughout my treatment I've had no adverse reactions to any of the treatments that have been administered to me other than the occasional mild headache and a metallic taste in my mouth. I've felt guilty occupying space in a hospital bed and I'm hoping the hospital can make better use of the beds by me not being there.

I'll take the advice of the medical team as ever and if they insist I will spend my time in hospital, but I'm being sensible about what I do, who I see and where I go whilst I'm at home so am doing my best to avoid picking up an infection.

Things are progressing as far as checking my sisters compatibility for a bone marrow donation is concerned. She had a letter earlier in the week from the hospital (the Vampires as she calls them) requesting a blood test. She's going for the blood test today at her doctors, but wasn't happy about the rather surprising standard arrangement to 'drop the samples in the post' along with everyones birthdays cards and bill payments afterwards. Thankfully my dad has stepped into the breach and is driving her and her blood down to the hospital on Saturday, which will also give me an opportunity to see her, my nieces (Ashleigh and Ellie) and my parents.

Andrea also has visitors this weekend, as her sister in law, Lisa and our niece Charlotte are coming to stay on Saturday night. Charlotte, with her brother Freddie were the masterminds behind 'Operation Yum-Yum' recently whilst I was on the Bone Marrow Unit, with the basket of goodies delivered by Lisa and Paul which were greatly appreciated. Freddie is playing football at the weekend so will miss out on a trip to Northampton.

I managed to snatch a look at Sam's Rugby training last night and was really impressed at the way all of the boys are performing. Some hard tackling, strong running and good technique was on display from all that were there and I think this season looks very promising. I hope I'm able to catch more of it.

Tom has no football this week thanks to an odd number of teams in his league so will have to endure watching his brother play Rugby on Sunday. At least he'll have his cousin Charlotte for company and no doubt the club's tuck shop will benefit from their custom.

I'll be torn between two Rugby games tonight as Leeds Rhinos play Wigan in their bid for a place in the Rugby League Grand Final, and Northampton Saints are out for their fifth win out of five against Wasps. I'll be tracking both games as best I can and best of luck to both teams!

Finally, I think hair loss might be starting. Each morning as I shower I've noticed a higher than normal number of hairs seem to be leaving my head, though at the moment to look at me the loss is not detectable. It's not something I'm worried about anyway and if it's the only side effect I suffer I think I will have got away very lightly.

Many thanks for reading.

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  1. Don't worry buddy, I'm losing mine too. I do believe that Lisa slaps my head, Benny hill style during the night though.
    keep smiling.


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